i saw a post over on a beautiful mess… (man is that place packed with fun) where they talked about reminder foods! i loved it, & it got me thinking about reminders...

 i have a crazy good memory. like elephant good. this serves us well around here because husband doesn’t. not only do i remember any and everything, but i also relate things to smells, songs, tastes, years, people, etc.

for instance… when chris wears a certain cologne, i’ll say “oooo, you smell like 2004” … he laughs, recalls that year & is like, oh my gosh you’re right, and weird. but he loves it.

anyhow. i LOVE memories & reminiscing. i myself, am made up of 75% nostalgia (the other 25% is probably peanut butter… or dessert, but we’ll just stick with peanut butter for now).

i love that cookie dough reminds me of my friend abby, and oreos remind me of emma. peanut butter is the common thread in my friendship with gaby, & cupcakes make me think of margaret.

i will never not think of the romeos when opening bottles with fizz. coke in a can takes me back to high school. brisk iced tea & kit kats were the main components of my diet during the ashtonkalachelseahillary days (i run the names into one, because we were pretty much never NOT together), vanilla sugar wafers remind me of visiting chris in college & well waffles... remind me of every other day for the past 3 years of our lives.

what about you? do you have any food triggers that remind you of something fun or wonderful? foods are fun. maybe next time we’ll do smells!

*sidenote, i realize it sounds like my diet only consists of foods that would lead me down a sure path towards obesity… however, i’d like to state that i do eat foods other than sugar & lots of fruits & veggies too! they just don’t remind me of anything… :)

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