26 looks good on ya…

over the weekend we celebrated my sweet & hunky husband. geeeeee do i love that guy. he’s so handsome & has the best heart i’ve met. i love celebrating him every day! but birthdays (as we have discussed) have cake.. so.
i threw him a little party on friday night, complete with vintage nintendo (you know, the one that even when it was brand new, you had to blow on the bottom of the games), balloons, & coke floats… (yea, we are still 5 years old in our hearts). he requested ice cream cake this year, which was something i had never made before, but we don’t go store bought around here so i attempted it. it ended up being mile high & suuuuuper delicious. however, not enjoyed until sunday because everyone filled up on all of the other goodies on friday. saturday we went to our first wedding with a babe, and let me tell you…. it was a definite WIN. not that i am surprised, because abel truly is such a great baby, not fussy at all, but you just never know when it comes to outings such as a wedding. i’m not sure he’s ever been awake & alert that long without getting hungry or atleast being upset about a dirty diaper. what a good boy. thanks baby :) …. and then sunday was his actual birthday & we spent the early part of the day walking around old town, and then his mom came up with some of his favorite foods & spent the day! it was a great weekend to say the least, and well my husband?…. is only getting better with age. lucky me.
happy tuesday!
^^abel, per usual, the hit of the party (see: above, below, & about 8 other places in this post :))^^

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jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

happy birthday big guy! it was a good weekend for turning 26... my 26th birthday was last friday ;)