happy easter to YOU!

i hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend! i’m so thankful for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, & the forgiveness & grace i’m shown daily because of His love for me. thank you, thank you Jesus!

we hosted at our house this year & had a great day filled with love, family, food & easter candy…. only my favorite things. here are a lot of pictures from our sunday, because narrowing it down to a few was just too hard!


^^don’t worry, we didn’t let abel eat too much candy. just enough to get chocolate wasted & chase it with some milk.^^

IMG_4386IMG_4389 IMG_4391 IMG_4393 IMG_4395


^^only grandbaby // nephew syndrome^^


^^one of the many gorgeous bouquets of flowers that made it's way to our house this weekend! thank you mom, sister, nicole&andy, and rachel&kp!^^


^^&& then my fat little heart jumped out of my chest & melted into a puddle on the floor.^^


^^and again…^^


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Kym said...

Beautiful baby... and flowers! and i laughed at that pic of all the phones. we too have an iphone family. they're taking over! glad you enjoyed your easter,