so, it's april...

april marks the beginning of one of my favorite seasons. yes spring is nice, but i'm talking about a different season.
birthday season.
i just loooooove birthdays! and parties! so, birthday parties well... you know.
husband, as many of you know, has a birthday this sunday. followed by my birthday, my mimi's, my mother-in-law, & my dad's in may, my little sister's birthday in june... and many friends in-between.
birthdays celebrate life! they are way more fun than new years, to recap what has changed in your life since the last birthday you had, and... you get to eat cake. bam. 
so many people worry about birthdays and getting older... i don't understand it. i mean, this IS the first year that i'm seeing my number and thinking, "WHOA, WHAT?! 25?!" i thought 23 was a great number to stay at... but really, i mean come on. 23 didn't have a baby! 23 didn't live near her family for the first time in 3 years, or love & understand her husband like she does now. 23 still beat herself up for making mistakes & being a sinner... she didn't grasp Christ's love for her, & the forgiveness that had already been given on the cross. 23 didn't know what she was missing!
each year, the number goes up, but so do the experiences, & joys of life. i LOVE older people. you can see their years. their life. conversations with them are so full! full of joy, pain, laughter. we don't get there without the birthdays! so, needless to say, birthdays are celebrated around here! life is a beautiful thing. i hope you celebrate yours!
with that being said... i leave you with this pretty picture of a pretty cake (found on pinterest), & a day to enjoy!

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