hard at work.

me & this little cue ball have been hard at work over here!
i had been busy having a baby & things like that, & really just couldn't focus on anything but being pregnant & the little person i was so excited to meet! then i had my surgery & wasn't able to do much but lay around & heal from that, we moved, abel came early... you know. life stuff.
my point... project love sort of got thrown to the wayside, or came to a screeching halt... whichever you prefer. we are hard at work now though, & hoping to release new goodies late spring/early summer!
some old designs will be discontinued, favorites may be re-vamped or offered in new colors or styles... plus we will release brand spankin' designs AND a baby/kids line! you can already preview some of the kids line over at the Abel housewife shop! i am so excited about all of this. i feel like creativity has been waiting to get out, & with a whole new inspiration, it could end up being my favorite line yet. thank you guys SO much for sticking around & continuing to support us & project love during this hiatus! get excited for new designs, scarf up on any old ones that might not be coming back & start spreading the word!

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brittany.taylor said...

eyes, cheeks, lips, and sweet little cue ball head... he slays me!