ladies & gentlemen... we have a three month old.

gosh. he is the light of my life.
he lights up the faces of strangers.
it’s the best word i can think of to describe him. you can already tell that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. such a gentle soul.
he is growing fast. the other day as i rocked him, i sat there crying because he is growing so fast & it’s breaking my heart. i’m happy that he is healthy, getting bigger, & reaching milestones & all that… i know it’s a good thing & i am thankful.
but time slow down! this journey of life is so beautiful & wonderful & also heartbreaking at times. i’ve never experienced that more than i do now as a mother. watching him grow. imagining the day he walks & talks. the day he starts school, or even further down the road when he moves out of the house, or when he gets married & starts his own family! i want his life to be joyful & wonderful & full of all of those things!… but for time to just move slower, so that i can savor every moment & bottle it up on that little shelf we’ve talked about.
i already can’t remember what it felt like to be pregnant. & then the feeling of holding his little newborn body in my arms. so fragile & small. every day he seems cuter, & more talkative & smilier than the last. i am in love with this mama thing. it’s the greatest experience i have had in my entire life. & though right now abel is my world & i can’t imagine loving anything or anyone more… i pray that God blesses us with a few more littles to love on, because i’ve got this loving my family thing down.
it is what i live for.

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