eat. more. waffles.

sooooo.... i finally felt like an appropriate amount of time had passed since my last posting on waffles...
this doesn't mean we haven't had some...
you guys.
 i told you that the waffle lab being down the street was going to be a problem, and i. was. right.
so good.
NOT to mention, the weather has been super nice, & they are out like 4 days a week now! seriously... come to colorado right now & get one, you will not regret it. this time we tried 3 different kinds!
*Blue Sky Brunch, the perfect blend of breakfast & lunch... in your mouth.
*The Braffle... people... this sounded gross to me, but ended up being all of our favorite. SO stinkin' good. Bratwurst, sauerkraut, & your own choice of condiments + a waffle. who dang.
& i of course went sweet (per usual) & had a
*Maple Bacon with raspberries, yummmm.
Make sure you have a napkin for your keyboard as you look at the following drool worthy photos.

anyhow! i realize i'm posting about waffles... again.
i guess they are just THAT good, & not much else is going on around here...  just the usual mommy-ing, housewifery, & spending time with fam.
... but spring is here, it's birthday season, & life is about to get a lot more eventful!
happy monday!

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