our first week home with abel brought SO many moments i wish i could freeze, bottle up, and keep on a shelf forever so that i could re-live them over & over & over again whenever i wanted. moments like listening to husband’s one sided conversations with abel from the other room (heart melts into a big fat puddle on the floor), seeing our family hold him & love him, watching him show us a million different faces that are just for us (it’s definitely not him just learning how his face works), waking up with a baby wrapped in my arms, chris swaddling him like it's the most important job in the world, dancing with him to james taylor, his sweet little noises… the list goes on & on. && then there’s moments like the one these photos TRIED to capture.
mornings with my family.
MY family.
i live for moments like these. it’s all i’ve ever dreamed of, but better, because it’s real life… my real life.
i am so thankful. thank you LORD for this life. for this family. for this little one that you have entrusted us with.
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