here's to my first month being a mama!

good, ness! have i really been a mama to this sweet little angel for an entire month?! it honestly feels like i had him just yesterday... & at the exact same time, feels like we've had him forever.
you know what i mean?
gosh, this month has been the best of our lives! our little guy has seriously been a dream. i would advise anyone considering having a baby to ignore anything negative that "they" say and to DO IT. aside from marrying chris, having a baby has been the best decision i have made in my 24 years of life. i can say without any hesitation that being a mother is what i was made for. yes, God made me for a lot of different reasons. to be and do many different things... being chris' wife & abel's mama though are hands down my favorite roles & where i feel like i just fit.
anything i was anxious about has proven to be SO much smaller in real life than i had built it up to be in my head! from pregnancy, to delivery, to life with a baby. i would do it all again tomorrow & i pray that we are given the opportunity & are blessed with more salvaggione kiddos one day.
i have learned so much this past month.
things like...
how important communicating with your husband is. that has saved our lives. chris has been the dream husband & daddy, and being able to tell him exactly what i need or how i'm feeling, and him doing the same has been a HUGE factor in what has made this experience so wonderful. i've learned that it is A-OKAY to accept help from others when they offer. there is nothing to prove, & doing everything on your own those first weeks is a lot people. calling your mom every day & asking, "is it normal if..." is okay too. she's a much better source than google, & if she's as great as mine, you'll feel so much more at peace & have some great chats in the meantime. when "they" say "sleep when they sleep"... if you're anything like me, you won't. babies are so sweet when they sleep, you'll sit there & stare at them, & when you aren't doing that, you'll be rushing around trying to get things marked off of your to-do list. i've learned to work quickly when you have two hands... you don't know how long you have them to yourself or how long it'll be until the next time they aren't holding your precious babe-kin again. i've learned how to do lots of things with one hand, and sometimes even with the left. i've learned that it's okay to just let things go undone sometimes & just sit & hold my baby.
i've learned a lot about love too, the mama kind...
i already loved my life so much before. i loved my sweet sweet husband & our pets. our little house & our big families. my little pregnant belly & all the little details that made up each day. since abel was born though, & i've been by his side pretty much 24/7 this past month, my heart has just gotten bigger & i love him with a different kind of love. an unending, no conditions, can't believe i grew you in my belly kind of love that just gets better every day.
... & i love that.

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margaret said... many tears from this post! these pictures are SO sweet and touching!!! hillary, you are amazing at SO MANY things but it's perfectly obvious that you are an even more amazing mommy. i love you friend...see you all SOON!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3