my daddy.

some of you might remember from this post how much i love my dad. i’ve always been a daddy’s girl & the love i have for him is unlike any other. some of you may also remember from this post that he is currently fighting cancer for a second time. my dad is the sweetest man you will ever know in your life & everyone in my life that has met him instantly fell in love with his heart too. even with all of the joy that little abel has brought to my family’s life & all of the wonderful blessings God has given us, we are all still in a very trying & difficult time as we stand by his side while he fights this battle. the reason i am posting today is to ask you to please visit this link & read a little about our story & pray for my family. pray for peace & pray for the Lord to wrap us all up in His arms. pray for a miracle for my dad. pray for healing, strength, courage & provision. the power of prayer can do amazing things! i hope you all are having a wonderful day & have a minute to check out the site & possibly give or even support through prayer. NOTHING is too small of a gift & we are so thankful for everyone who has already given & is already praying!
we love you! happy saturday :)

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