a baby & a name.

abel means “breath”
& he sure has taken mine away.

i am absolutely, positively in love with our baby.. and falling deeper and deeper with each day that passes. i am a lover. i love deeply & i love quickly. as much love as i had inside me though, this love still caught me by surprise. it’s INSANE how much bigger your heart can grow in just a moment. one life changing, never forget it, amazing moment.

it truly is the most amazing thing i have ever experienced, and each day brings new emotion. i’ve always been a bit of a cryer, and let’s face it… i’m currently a hormone sandwich, but i find myself in tears atleast once a day. tears of pure joy. just looking at him & his innocence. thinking about chris & i’s story... where we started out & who would have thought we’d end up here? && now, what the future holds. i find myself loving my mom more than i ever have before & different than i ever have before, & i feel like i have never wanted time to just stop more than i do now. he’s so sweet & perfect. he looks a little different every day.

he is brand new. he has only been outside of my tummy for 5 whole days! i can only imagine how much more my heart is going to grow for him. i love him so much. i love chris more than i ever have. life is probably the best it’s ever been.

sweet abel, you’re here now. you have changed mine & daddy’s life forever, in the best way. i love you! love, mommy

ps… lots of you have told us that you love his name, (thank you sweet friends), and some of you have asked why we chose it! great question too :)
in the book of genesis, abel was the first person to please God after the fall of adam & eve. even though his story seems small, we felt like the legacy left behind is big. on top of that, the name itself means “breath”, which is what he is to us. a fresh life, a new breath. followed by maddox which means “good & generous”,which is what we hope to raise him to be. all these reasons combined with the fact that it’s just a rockstar name… abel maddox salvaggione.

i could go on & on, and i am really having to refrain from posting 12,375 photos a minute, but wanted to stop in and say hi! hope you’re having a happy thursday! we sure are! we are going on our first family outing :)


Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Congratulations!!!!!! He is precious!

Unknown said...

A beautiful and talented Mommy.....you are!

Unknown said...

A beautiful and talented Mommy you are! You and Chris created an absolute darling!

Unknown said...

Congrats.. .this gave me chills :)

Britsyb said...

Congratulations! He is breath-taking! I remember those ugly hormones after I had our darling, Jonah this summer. They're tough but they only last a couple of weeks. I never realized how intense they would be. I remember bawling when we left the hospital. I was sad that he was too old to be in the hospital. Haha. Crazy! Snug that beautiful babe tight and get some rest if you can!