I've never loved a belly more.

not too much longer until this little guy won't be in my belly anymore, but in my arms instead.
it's bittersweet.
i feel positive that holding his soft little body is going to be the most wonderful feeling ever, and much better than holding my belly in my hands ha, but still bittersweet.
I love my little belly. I think I'll probably miss it some.
it's been amazing having this time. MY time with him. just him & i. i truly cherish it & am really trying to soak it up & focus on how special & how short lived it is, and not on the lack of sleep i have been getting the past few nights due to my little belly feeling not so little & not being able to get very comfortable.
only a few more weeks.
it's been insanely wonderful & there will never be a time like it, but i can't wait to meet him & see all of the people i love the most holding him & loving on him.
... aaaand as much as I think I'm going to miss my little pregnant belly, it will be simply divine to fit through normal spaces & wear anything I want again, ha! only this time around, with the best accessory!
life is good. I feel so blessed, & it's only getting better. thank you Jesus.
now I'm off to spend the evening with my better half & get some stuff done around the house before our little arrives! happy monday!! xoxo

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