a little before… & a little after for your thursday.

we’ve been busy little bees over here while we wait for our little man to join us. moving, decorating painting… you name it! we even hosted taco tuesday this week at our house for my family :)
&& yesterday folks… wait for it… we got our internet set up! woop woop! soooo, since i finally had access to all of my pictures, i wanted to show you guys two of our before & after projects we’ve been working on.
first up… baby bassinet.
we found this little gem at a thrift store here in town for $30! it matched the style of the crib we had picked out perfectly and was a must have. baby boy’s nursery is in warmer/bolder colors, so we wanted to do something totally different for the bassinet since it will spend most of it’s time in our room or the living room. we love it.
^^^finished product^^^ now it’s just waiting for a baby!
project two for your day is our little trunk! it adds fun color to our living area & will be perfect for baby sal’s toys one day!
happy thursday!

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