a few moments worth review.

soooo, new years came & went, & i never had the chance to do a yearly recap of some of my favorite moments in 2012 that were documented here on the ol’ blog. so now that i’m in babyland, i felt this would be a great time to do that. it just wouldn’t be right not to! so here it is folks! 2012 in review, and what a great year it was…
^^in january we traveled back to charlotte from our holiday visit in colorado, we celebrated our EIGHT YEAR anniversary, and participated in some fun photo challenges that instagram had going… you know, when they were new & didn’t have them going EVERY single month of the year.
^^february brought strawberry cupcakes and valentines day, quite possibly two of my very favorite things. harlow got a haircut & a fancy new dress, my lovely friend margaret came for a visit, and i had some fun on the train tracks. oh! and twilight number four came out on dvd.
^^our friends had a baby in march on the very same night we hung out with them and did our very favorite thing… eat. i learned how to better use my camera after only 3 years of having it, we met the future mrs. bloom (now the current mrs. bloom) for the first time & enjoyed some more what? … food. i visited family back in colorado.
^^april is big around here, and 2012 was no excuse. soccer season came back around, my sweet cousin brianna came for a visit to charlotte, we celebrated easter for the second time at the winter’s home (see 2011 here), and also did something off my bucket list… picked fresh strawberries! cupcrazed, enough said. husband had birthday number two-five, & we celebrated him with a morning birthday party complete with some of our favorites… i’m talking about the people of course :)
IMG_0587photo 3 (5)
^^then came my birth month! may! & it was no less exciting. i visited home in colorado to help throw my little sister’s bridal shower… win & do lots of family time. husband and i celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. cindo de mayo & we celebrated my birthdaytwice!
secretphoto 4 (3)
^^next up, might have been my favorite month, because on the first day of june i took a test that would change our lives forever! then my camera went on hiatus & iphone captured a week of events here, here, & here… including one of my favorite “little dates”.
^^in july i vacationed in new york: here, here, here, here & here. you really got to know me & my little sister got married! oh yea… & we told you guys our big news ((here too!))!
^^love letters, bump alerts, & jumbled thoughts filled august. we also wondered if baby sal was a boy or a girl? my best friend got showered, we said goodbye to charlotte & all of the wonderful things & people that came with it. i made it to trimester two! fruit charting began & i spent the day in estes park.
IMG_2343itsaboy2photo 3 (2)IMG_2373
^^in september we went bowling, saw baby on camera the first time & announced baby was a HE! i reached the half way mark in my first pregnancy, enjoyed the perks of being “with child”, harvey had a playdate & WE enjoyed another “little date”.
^^for the first time in forever, we didn’t dress up for halloween… womp womp. instead, october included a last minute trip, s’mores, haunted corn maze, some real talk & a farmer’s market, complete with pumpkin patch. not to be forgotten!
inviteIMG_2887edited2IMG_9310photo 1 (2)
^^in november i had my baby shower & i wondered if this was real life?! harvey got named the cookie monster, & i had my first trip in to the hospital
IMG_2900editedphoto 5 (4)IMG_3047IMG_3069copyIMG_3026
^^december, december! my favorite month! i wrote love letters to baby boy & got excited about the topper on our tree! we spent 8 days in the hospital but were out in time for christmas with my family, stroller building, & a house to call home!
see ya later 2012!
2013 is panning out to be a great year already :)

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