he’s here! he’s here!

our boy is here! & home!
we couldn’t be more thrilled or in love.
as my due date crept closer, i decided that i REALLY wanted to be able to spend all my time loving on him & getting to know him. undivided attention, adjusting to life with him in it, you know… learning to be a good mommy & all of that :)
so i planned some posts ahead of time for you guys this week so that i could do that, and you guys could still do this… read the blog :) i will still be in and out, because there’s not a chance i won’t be able to NOT post about him a time or two, but for now, enjoy some guest posts and other fun stuff.. while i enjoy our baby!!
thank you so much for reading our blog & also for allowing us this time to enjoy our sweet Abel! see you next week! xoxo

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