happy friday to you! we've got a baby on the way...

friday, friday… fridays have become particularly special to me, because every friday marks one weeks closer to baby. we are down to five weeks people.
my eyes are about as big as saucers when i think about it. NOT quite as big as when i read a few things about labor and delivery yesterday (oh boy) but big. today, i was going through posts on this blog from the past year & just thinking about what a miracle this whole “growing a little baby human” thing is! me… my body... i have nurtured & grown a miracle. it honestly is SO big, and i am amazed by it. it was also fun to see posts & remember times where husband and i knew that we had a little life getting started in my belly, but YOU all didn’t know! crazyyy y’all.
being pregnant has been so wonderful for me. aside from the whole emergency abdominal surgery thing, it really has been such a great experience. AND that shouldn’t happen with my next pregnancy, or ever for that matter, so we will just count it as a hiccup. part of the journey. i’m a hero… no big deal (i kid, i kid).  but really… i love feeling our little boy move around, i never feel alone & with every little move, i am constantly reminded that i am part of something bigger. i can’t even imagine what it will be like to NOT have him in there! i’m assuming strange, but i hear having him in your arms is even better.
so, five weeks folks.
maybe a little more, maybe a little less… this mama has felt that he’ll come early from the start, and people are starting to place their bets on arrival dates! what do you think???

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