moving weekend.

boy oh boy.
this past weekend was moving weekend! SO exciting! we were both still getting over the horrible cold or flu that we had & it was probably the coldest weekend we've had yet... but nonetheless we got it done! for the first time ever, all of our things are in one place.
... it's ALOT of stuff.
we've already filled a few HUGE bins full of stuff for donation, and it feels good to clean out & get organized. with that, comes knowing where everything is for once, which is SUPER nice. we are so so very excited to be in our own place again and the cuuuutest little house EVER, at that!
today is my day off and i'm hoping to be done with sorting & cleaning out & can DECORATE!! oh, the fun part :)
believe me, once it's decorated to my liking, i will bombard you with a million pictures. deal? deal.IMG_3233
^^^ the sweet little gift, left for us by our landlord^^^
happy wednesday!

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