DIY vs b.u.y.

recently, i tried my hand a little homemade finger paint experiment. i'm not toooo crafty, so this was slightly out of character for me, but it was probably snowing + i didn't want to get out with the littles, or maybe i had seen too many episodes of bubble guppies that day, who knows! point being, i pinterested homemade paints + came across a recipe that was completely safe/edible, washes out easily + only a few ingredients to make. (hand raising emoji here) i'm in. welllll i'm not gonna count this necessarily as a fail, because my boy had some fun for sure + i consider that winning... BUT i will say some things are just worth buying vs. doing it yourself. too much or too little of whatever ingredient, my finger paints came out more like finger paint gel + his artwork dried crunchy, womp womp. we got the real deal + since made valentines, had all sorts of fun, + our fridge is covered in precious paintings from our guy, sweet arrow + even little lucy. maybe next time i'm feeling super adventurous i'll give homemade another shot, but for now crayola is rocking it + i'm all right with that.

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