Chosen by The Honest Company


A couple months ago I was contacted by the Honest Company about using this sweet photo of a tiny Lucy in a special upcoming project. My first thought was, SOMEONE PINCH ME... & I still mostly feel that way! If you haven't heard of the Honest Company you can read more about them HERE. It's a brand of effective, unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies + families. We LOVE their products, mostly their adorable diapers like the one in this photo. 

Later this year, The Honest Company will be sponsoring the renovation of the UCLA Hospital Santa Monica Birthing Center waiting and lactation rooms. As part of the new design, their Founders (Jessica Alba (squeal! overly excited emoji x1000 here) and Christopher Gavigan) have decided to include photos of real Honest family members, and have chosen this photo as one of those that will be framed featured in the new space! 

I'm normally pretty private about these sorts of things because I never in a million years want to seem like I'm boasting, but I am seriously just beyond flattered that they chose our photo + love representing such a wonderful company. As soon as the project is finished I'll share photos here! Again, pinch me... so exciting :) 

As a sidenote... is anyone else crying over how much lucy has grown + changed over the past 3 months? ...oh just me? time slowww downnn! Happy Monday! xoxo

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