a guest post on motherhood, by my beautiful mommy

Hillary and I have always been close. In each other’s business…you know…the way it should be between mothers and daughters. So when she announced to us that she was expecting a baby…WOW…we couldn’t have been happier. As I watched her growing bump and the giggles we shared as her baby tumbled about inside her, my heart just about exploded with the anticipation of what was held inside.

From the guilt trips I sent her on because she wouldn’t tell us her name choice to the shabby chic décor I provided for the baby’s room, I knew this was sure to be one of my all time favorite experiences!! We had a blast…and then…
The baby was trying to make his appearance two weeks early when I was boarding a plane to Vegas with a friend of mine!! All I can say is that GOD stepped in, made the plane have mechanical failure so I could get back to Fort Collins where he would make his spectacular debut through a rock star birth that evening, and the experience of MY baby having HER baby was the stuff of “Steel Magnolia’s or Terms of Endearment” script material. It was unexpected and raw, anxious and protective.

Life at that moment didn’t offer a choice of emotions. It was a flood of emotion all at once. Love, Fear, the urge to protect and nurture, the wisdom to not share things that might hinder progress, pain…it was all there.
And then, a flood of doctors in the room. I knew her time was near and the baby would have his way. Within twenty minutes of the doctors coming in, ABEL MADDOX SALVAGGIONE was taking his first breath of what will surely be a wonderful life. A sweet life full of love, family, adventure, challenges and amazing parents that love deeply and with purposeful intent with a deep convicted love of our LORD.

ABEL… you are a miracle. You are my baby’s baby. There is nothing sweeter than your breath and the smell of your skin. My love for you is infinite. It is unfailing. I would do anything for you. Ask and it is yours. I am experiencing being a grandparent for the first time. I in all of my 50 years of wisdom can relax and hope, love and adore…and most of all spoil. There are no rules with Grammy and Papaw…only LOVE. We call GOD our father, but HE is most definitely a Grandparent. There is nothing that can separate us…just like the love of GOD for his children. …Being a parent has been our greatest blessing…until now…being a grandparent is BLISS. XOXO GrammyIMG_3435