february 8, 2013

today is my due date.
instead of being at the hospital & welcoming our baby into the world, we are home with our two week old (not until 11:34 tonight) little angel from heaven… falling more & more in love each day might i add. i love holding & kissing & cuddling him. i love his sweet smell & all of his little baby sounds. i love feeding him. he is constantly making me smile & also cry happy tears with the faces he makes, especially that sweet smile. i love watching him sleep, even though it means i'm not getting any in that moment. waking up with him in my arms is the sweetest feeling in the world & i absolutely LOVE when he falls asleep on my chest & i can just breathe him in. i love seeing him with chris... heart melts. the little wrinkles on his forehead kill me & i never want him to grow into them. his fuzzy little baby bed head might just be the most adorable sight ever seen. i love the joy he brings into our home & to every person who sees him. i cannot believe that we've already had him two weeks, it makes me SO happy & also sad at the same time because the time has just FLOWN by & it still is... so much faster than i wish it would.
...but lucky us! we got two extra weeks with him! & we couldn't be happier :)

*picture taken by husband, the first time i held abel*

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