christmas in no particular order...

i hope you had a wonderful christmas, abel certainly did. he scarfed up on just about every toy that has ever been made for his age & i think i've pushed him around every house within the family on his riding toy only a million kabillion times. i'm so thankful for that little boy, he's the best thing that chris + i have done, EVER + he made christmas a good one for everyone this year. we enjoyed spending time together as a family, playing games + again, eating... WAY too much... but what's new? below are some snippets from the days leading up to christmas + the wonderful day itself... in no particular order because my computer was being slow & arranging them chronologically just wasn't in the cards this time around... enjoy + have a happy new year! xoxo

^^^ christmas eve morning french toast ^^^
^^^ my moms house... that she's been moved into for 5 minutes & already looks like this ^^^
^^^ you can find me melted into a puddle on the floor... ^^^
^^^ me + my mama, also the snow we got before christmas... i'll take it"

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