three years...

...or 9 & a half, but who's counting?
gosh, really? 
today marks three years of being married to my best friend. i honestly couldn't dream up a better man to spend my life with. 
christopher, i am still so in love with you... like, completely head over heels, obsessed, wanna skip professionally dancing on tv because i'd miss going to prom with you, in love with you. 
you are an amazing husband & provider & have a heart of gold. you know me & love me so well & i love every minute spent with you. our life has been so FULL, and in these past 3 married years, we have experienced so many different, places, people, changes, & experiences together. this past year has been a list topper of favorites though. becoming a parent with you. you are such a wonderful daddy to abel & i love that about you. i knew you'd be good at it, but seeing you in action... it's an indescribable feeling of pure joy. thank you for this wonderful life we have together, and the HUGE part you play in it. i always think that i couldn't love you more, and then there i go again... 
i love you forever & am thankful you are my husband. i would go anywhere with you.
wedding anniversaries from years past here & here!
*all photos by monica starr brown*

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jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

your wedding is so adorable! looks like you had a great time :)

and happy anniversary!