mother’s day.


so this mother’s day was unlike any other that i’ve celebrated in the past.


i’m a mother now.

it’s a crazy thing becoming a mother. you don’t understand the depth of that love until you are one. abel is truly the light of my life. i would do anything in this world for him… we are talking ANYTHING. so, becoming a mom & finding out that someone has been loving me like that for the past 25 years has truly been eye opening, and is such an amazing feeling. i’m so grateful for my mom for teaching me how to love well. i pray that abel, & his future siblings love me as much as i love my own mom & can always feel my love the way i can feel hers on a daily basis.



as for our celebrating… i woke up to these two faces. sheesh, i love them. spent time with my family, our little family of three, & finished the day watching nemo for the first time with abel. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend & celebrated those mama’s the way they deserve!


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Hailey said...

happy mothers day! it's truly the best :)