from that time we watched auntie @ the graffiti run & mom was obsessed with the pretty colors on the ground…

our little fam recently took a trip down to denver to watch chris’s sister, nicole, run a 5K. not a regular one though, a colorful one… and boy did i think the scene was picture worthy. so bright & springy… just made my little heart happy. abel brought her flowers & we were all more than happy to see each other. family, man… i tell ya. this is the stuff life is made of. driving an hour to see each other for half of one, hug each other’s necks & snap a few pics. it’s what i live for. any chance we can be together & love on each other is what it’s all about. we are blessed beyond anything, & i thank God daily for the family he has given us. boy are we undeserving of such wonderful people, but He loves us so much & continues to bless us beyond our imagination.

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