it’s farmer’s market season!

over the weekend we went to our first farmer's market of the season!
woohoo for spring! i think colorado has finally figured out that it's spring, because since the big snow on may day, we've had nothing but warm sunshine & some rain. so that has been nice! talk to me in a few weeks and i'll be ready for fall again, but for the time being, i am enjoying the warmth!
i. love. the farmer's market.
& i especially love going with people who enjoy it just as much as i do & take it all in. by that i mean, sample everything that's offered, take a million pictures & buy atleast 2 or 3 goodies to take home.
i went with the right people.
i love family outings, and the fact that i am here in colorado having the opportunity to have family outings with more than just my little family of three, but with my parents & siblings too.... well it's just awesome. we are so excited to explore fort collins this summer! it's our first summer home in three years! should be fun... happy wednesday!

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