yellow is my favorite color.

IMG_0459 when i found out the team chris would be playing with for the next few weeks chose yellow as 'their color' i was not mad about it. it was so great to see my studly husband back out on the field. i couldn't tell you how many soccer games i've been to over the past decade, but i can tell you it's been a lot. i'm not a sports fan, but cheering chris on & watching him play the sport that he is SO talented at & so passionate about truly makes my heart feel happy. it was extra fun to have abel there too, & somewhere between chewing on everything in sight (mostly grammy's phone) & crawling in every direction he actually showed interest a couple times... hoorah!
^^^ both, because you know... we couldn't get a picture where we were both looking & smiling at the same time. & below? the cutest grassy toes i've ever seen... he preferred the grass over the blanket, and i loved that.
^^^aren't they just the cutest pair? my mom was definitely NOT enjoying her first grandparents day! and PLEASE tell me that you noticed abel's hair & that it is officially standing up on top *squeal*
we three.

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