pumpkin spice donut holes... you're welcome

hip hip! it's FALL! & i couldn't be more excited. i mean, if we are really being honest, i've acted like it's been fall for a couple of weeks now... but now it's official! i've got fall decor throughout our little home, & yesterday chris & i got two of the hugest pumpkins i've every seen, starting the collection of pumpkins that i'd like to grace our outdoor entry ways with! ...today, little pregnant sister & i brought out the other form of pumpkin, you know... the best kind. the baking kind. my first EVER 'pin' on pinterest was of baked, pumpkin spice donut holes... they sounded super delicious & come on... little round balls of pumpkin spice perfection? even a non donut eater could probably be talked into them. thanks to this recipe, my dreams became a reality today. so easy to make, & SAY NO to hot oil popping you in the face, because they are baked. pumpkin, pumpkin... i love you so. i'm so excited for this season! i always am, but even more so this year! why? you probably guessed it, abel. he just makes life so much more fun. all things pumpkin & fall are wonderful, mix it up with that baby? sheesh.

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