from that weekend that ended all too quickly...

Over the weekend, my cousin Brianna came for what felt like the most super speed visit of all time. She is my best cousin for life. We are the same age & were for the most part, inseparable up until the age of 5 when i moved to Colorado. Thanks to Spring Break of 2007 we were reunited & have been close ever since. She is the most wonderful light to the world. She is stunning & i love her to pieces. 

Fun fact? Although our birthdays are in different months, they are ALWAYS on the same day of the week. Fact #2) We were busy having so much fun over the weekend, i never even brought out the big camera... so iphone pics will have to suffice.

It was so special to have her here & the last time before she get's married & gets a fancy new last name! It was also so awesome to have her meet Abel. I love when the people I love are all in one place, it's the greatest. 

Baby Arrow, please make your debut soon so that we can all go to Texas & see this chick marry the love of her life! Love, Your Auntie

i love you Cousin! Thanks for coming, i miss you already.

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