estes park + part two

hello rainy tuesday... i couldn't be more thrilled with the weather right now. abel & i are decked out in our fall attire, we've got pumpkin spice candles burning & are dreaming of baked goods & crock pot meals. mmmm. if the weather stayed like this until november & snow started shortly after i would not object. anyhow, enjoy the second part of our trip to estes! if you missed part one, you can find it here
^^^i am hungry now… & below, the illuvial fan! i have SO many pictures here from growing up, it was so cool to get pictures of abel this time around!
^^^ this picture cracks me up. it’s probably one of the worst pictures ever, & the best all at the same time… for obvious self timer // facial expression & on & on… reasons. but it was taken after my little famliy of 3 went on an impromptu BOULDERING trek up the illuvial fan... in our toms & converse. i only had about 3 heart attacks, but we survived :) below, elk! we love seeing HUGE elk, AND it was all rainy & misty on the ride down from the mountain & made me feel like it was all fall like.
walking the town… this is probably my favorite part of estes, or atleast where lots of good candid photo opps happen—oh & eating (& you all know how i feel about that)
one our last night we had dinner at the Dun Raven. so delicous & on the fancier side of estes park. the entrance is SO awesome & covered with thousands & thousands of dollar bills with peoples signatures & cute things like that all over the walls. chris & i have one up there from years ago but we were unable to find it in all those bills! abel now has one right up by the register! look for it if you're ever there :) 
 our last morning we did what i love most... made waffles... WITH BACON IN THEM. yum. i love making big breakfasts for family. it was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend. 

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