little love letters.

dear fall, 
please get here soon. it's been raining all week & i'm hoping with my whole heart that you're not teasing us and really ARE right around the corner.

dear abel, 
the cuteness... really?

dear breakfast, 
you truly are my favorite meal of every day. there will never be a day that i won't want you, and if for some reason i am not able to enjoy you in the morning, i will have breakfast for dinner.

dear two of my favorite blondes (brianna & abby), 
i. can. not. stinkin. wait. for you to both visit! obviously, you are coming separately (although, what a blast it would be if you came at the same time)... & i am so thrilled to get a happy little visit both this month & next!

dear starbucks-iced vanilla chai,
you are so dang good. it's been all cozy out & it feels like i should be having a warm drink, but you're just too good... you have my heart. love you... mean it.

dear person reading this, 
i hope you are having a truly wonderful day. if it's raining where you are, i hope you've got something cozy in your presence... if it's sunshiney, i hope you're soaking it in! you're doing great today, whatever it is that you are doing! thank you for reading & loving on our family.

dear stripes,
i adore you, all day-every day.

dear husband,
you're adorable & so much cooler than me. i'm so happy that i get to do life with you & i'm so proud of all that you've accomplished this year! cheers all around (insert clapping hands emoji here).

dear abel, 
the cuteness... really?
(nope this isn't an accidental repeat... i mean, come on!)

dear sisters,
how did i get so (this is the 4th place i've wanted to use the phrase 'so stinkin' & had to choose another one because i already used it...) LUCKY!? two of the very best friends in the world right here in my own family. privileged.

happy friday + happy gramday!

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