Sweet Abel... how is it that in the same week, you've started pulling up on things, crawling (even if it's a hand-hand-lift one knee through, adorably gimpy one), & your top teeth are just barely through? three major events in the SAME WEEK?! give a mom a chance! you're growing oh so fast my little man. You are too stinkin' cute & i think at this point you know it... You are NOT into the solids, although i still try every day. spaghetti squash seems to be the one & only thing you don't purse your lips at... so spaghetti squash for days i say. You're officially huge, okay not really, but you are getting so much bigger every day it feels like. the way you sleep is insanely cute, i can't stand it. you roll all around like a rollie-pollie & often times end up on your belly, rumpus high in the air... MELT MY HEART. you're babbling non stop & da da da da da is one of your favorites... you haven't shortened it to just two yet, so i'm not claiming it as a first word or anything (although your dad might like to think otherwise ;)). you do NOT love when something is taken away from you... meltdown central, & when people cheer too loud for you it scares you & you bury your head in my chest (so sad & also 100% adorable). you do however love the 'abel is the best' song... or any song/music for that matter. we have now transitioned into the, 'i only want my mommy' phase, it is the sweetest thing in the world & isn't hurting my ego at all to be your everything for right now... but we are still socializing as usual & as long as i'm in viewing distance you aren't totally opposed to another set of arms. 

you're the best abel. you really are. you make me want to be a better person all around. a better mama, a better wife, daughter, sister. i want to be better so that i can show you & teach YOU how to be. it can be pretty scary raising a human being (completely and totally awesome too)... it's our job to lead you in the right direction, to teach you to love Jesus, to advocate for you, love you, mold you. i believe we are off to a good start, but from the 25 years of life experience that i do have, i think this age might be the easy part. i'm ready though bud... you & i? we're a great team, and your dad and me?? unstoppable. we as a family will grow & change together, for the better. i love you so much my sweet abel. 7 months & counting... they are probably the favorite months of my life so far. love, your mama

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