this guy…


 man, i love him.
gosh, i was thinking about it the other day... just how good life was before abel came.
it was.
i loved my husband & my family. my friends, my pets, my job. life was pretty good.
but life since abel?
dang, it's awesome.
he is seriously the light of MY life & i don't meet many others that aren't thrilled to have him around either! he has the sweetest, most adorable personality. conversations with him are the best. he has just the right amount of chunk & is honestly the most wonderful example of a perfect little life from God. untouched by negativity, hate, anger, greed, insecurity, or any of the other unfortunate feelings of the world. he is made up of joy, wonder, God's light, love, positivity... you know, the good stuff. i've never wanted to protect someone more. i love him so much. i never want him to be damaged by the world or the negative people in it. i want him to only know good. i want him to know God.  i want him to understand the UNimportance of "things" & know what truly matters in this short life we have here on earth. i want him to LOVE.

Lord, protect him & help me to teach him.
he's the best.
thank you for blessing me... again.

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