...keep dancing like we're 22!

a very happy birthday to my little sister!
life is better with sisters & i think my older sister and i would both agree that life is especially great having ashton as a sister. she completes the trio of grant girls & my days are happier with her in them. praise You, praise You sweet Lord for blessing me with her. she is my best friend & knows me like no one else! 22... it's a great age.
when i was 22 i...
married the love of my life
moved away with him
became closer to the Lord than ever before
got a puppy (harvey :))
moved again (back home to colorado)
dressed up as thing 2 for halloween
started this blog
moved... again (to charlotte)
met lifelong friends like i had never known before
& before 22 was over, crossed "giant cupcake birthday cake" off of my bucket list of "littles"
ashi, i don't know what 22 holds for you... i know you'll celebrate you're first wedding anniversary & become a mama! & that, to me... sounds like a good start.
i love you sister lou!
have the best day ever.

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