father's day!

we had a wonderful father's day this year! a father... my husband. it's crazy. life is crazy really. & lately i've thought so much about how much being a parent really truly changes the game. it's not just about you anymore. you are responsible for another little life. & there's only a short time where it's up to YOU as a parent to decide what you want to expose them to, what you'd like to protect them from (as much as you can), what you want them to know about, who you want influencing them, what you hope they'll be interested in, and on & on... being a parent is such an honor & such a big responsibility, and we have been CHOSEN. praise you Jesus. husband has already proven to be so wonderful & so natural at being a father in just a few short months. i can't even begin to imagine what it will be like to watch him grow & change with abel & the future kiddos i've dreamed up in my head. hunny, everything wonderful in my life is because of you. i couldn't have chosen a better partner to do life with & father for abel. thank you for choosing me every time & loving us the way you do. i promise to continue choosing you every day until the end of time. 
...and as for father's day festivities? we woke & i made chris the most delicious batch of french toast in history, spent time with our little family & then went over to my little sister's for some barbecuing where we celebrated grant's first pre-father's day & celebrated my own daddy. dads. they're the best. i'm so blessed to have the best one as my own & be married to another who's equally great! i hope all of the great dads out there had a day as wonderful as ours!

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