costumes & cocktails

    last weekend we celebrated my older sister's birthday! 
    ash & i threw her a masked cocktail party & it. was. fun.
    good food, good company & the perfect amount of sparkle & glitter to make it a wonderful night!           
    everyone looked so good... & if you're a regular around here, you know that i really appreciate a  
    themed party & LOVE when people aren't afraid to go all out... this was no exception! 
    ashton & grant were gracious enough to let us host at their beautiful home. we had cheese & wine,     
    german chocolate cupcakes, spiked apple cider floats... yummm. 
    taylor had a great time & i  know felt so loved by all of her guests, & ash and i had a great time   
    planning it from start to finish!   
    sisters... they are simply the greatest. there's not a thing in this world i wouldn't do for them.
                                                           ^^^my favorite teenagers
                        ^^^so happy our nana was in town to enjoy the party & meet baby arrow!
                                    ^^^the cutest saggy socks & the birthday girl with her handsome date

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Rachel Grace said...

I love theme parties too! A mask cocktail party is such a good idea (especially for fall!)