hello friday

this week i find myself...
thinking of family
dreaming of Christmas
eating too many sweets
enjoying the cool weather
baking a lot
blogging not a lot... or at all
watching movies+shows that make me feel good
"planning" the future
kissing abel
kissing chris
spending time with the people i love
party planning
being tired
feeling joyful anyway

the past few mornings i've woken up & felt like listening to Christmas music & enjoying a warm drink. i haven't done these things, i usually try to wait on Halloween before blaring the holly jolly, and as far as the warm drink goes... i still haven't been able to give up my favorite cold one... i'm thinking as soon as red cups come around, i'll be singing a different tune. it's been the  most laid back of all weeks. i think i've gotten dressed in clothes other than leggings & a slouchy top maybe once? there just hasn't been much going on other than staying cozy & baking a lot. plus... my sister had her baby & i think i'm  flashing back to the early days with abel when all we did was sit around cuddling in our jams. i know, i'm not even the one who had the baby but i mean, come on... no one wants to sit around  all comfy cozy in their elastic waistbands alone right?  it's been a good week, a great week. i'm thankful for the life i have been blessed with. i'm thankful for a husband who works  so hard so that i can stay home with abel. i'm thankful for a mom who created a job for me to do from home that then led to other jobs  to do from home. i'm thankful for sisters. i'm thankful for friends who drive an hour just to bake with you & then get stuck in traffic on the way home. i'm thankful for a warm, sleepy baby against my side as i write this. i'm thankful for so much. i don't want to take it for granted, life is too short. love people. love God. hug a lot, take too many pictures, treasure each moment. spend too much time talking & listening with loved ones. help a friend. open up . cry. pray. we are blessed with each day & they are numbered, so i say live them to the fullest! happy friday! & some grams...

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jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

life is good, right?

cheers to the weekend :)