My family is pretty big into the Walking Dead. & by pretty big into, i mean... really into. Like have a premiere party & zombify your whole family (except abel because the sight of it made me cry real tears), into the Walking Dead. I am not a diehard fan, the sound effects heard from the other room alone is enough to give me nightmares, but I follow it from a distance & I'm always up for a party. Brie brains, eyeball cupcakes, "finger" food...
I love our little (or not so little i guess with 12 adults & 2 babies) family gatherings. they are happy times. i mean, coming together around the tv & watching a bunch of zombies groan & moan while feasting on the innards of humans? ...  what more could a girl want?
happy thursday! wear your jams inside out tonight... weatherman calls for snow tomorrow!
^^^ why is my dad wearing jewelry you ask? well, while abel usually only wants to be held by me, he can easily be swayed by fun jewelry... so my dad went with it. when he walked in i about died laughing.

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