the great outdoors...

we love outside. 
lately we've been spending a lot of time there too, thanks to the cooler weather.
abel currently adores this, his tippy cup, climbing up on everything in sight, a kitchen spoon & wants nothing to do with his toys. his favorite sound this week is ma ma ma ma, it's mine too. over night he went from eating nothing to eating everything & often... spaghetti squash still being at the top of his list & sweet potatoes no where on it. he's a big boy now & we better notice.
time FLYS with a baby around. pictures from a few months ago seem like a few YEARS ago. he looks so different. i'm not sure i could love this child more. he is truly the best. just a simple little guy. doesn't take much to entertain him, but boy is he keeping me on my toes... 
i wouldn't have it any other way.

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