i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers...

hello october! i'm SO thrilled at your arrival. you are made up of many things that i adore... 
all things pumpkin
crunchy leaves 
50 shades of orange 
crisp air
warm drinks
delicious treats 
hocus pocus 
BECOMING AN AUNTIE... to name a few. 
thank you for continually showing up after september each year & for officially marking the first day of the best days of the year. you're great.
in celebration of the first day of october, it seemed fitting to share with you our time at osborn farm! if you remember, we went last year, but my parents weren't in town to enjoy it with us! not the case this year. this year, they were present for this cute little farmer's market setting, complete with kettle corn, a gorgeous view of the mountains, hand holding & plenty of pumpkin to go around. it's a fun little place & it was a happy september day. i'm so thankful for this life... God really broke the mold when he made  my family, they just make life better. 
happy october! 

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