girls night out, no boys allowed.

last week i had my first "girls night out".  i don't even like that term... "girls night out" it just sounds so silly, but nonetheless, i went out with my older sister & our friend shannon for the first time since abel was born. not like, me & the girls AND abel... i mean without abel. for the most part, he & i are connected at the hip (no really, at the hip) 24/7. so, this was a big deal. it was also a boys night in for he & chris... and that was a big deal too! both parties had a blast! chris sent me pictures all night without me even asking him to or texting him every 3 minutes! i'm so happy i went, & i was SO happy chris had a great night with his boy.
the place we went is in old town, called Pinot's Palette. SO MUCH stinkin' fun! i had been wanting to go since the first time i walked past it, oh you know... a year ago! it was such a great atmosphere, & the people running the place were a whole lot of smiles. blank canvas, glass of wine, cute apron... & someone willing to walk you through how to a paint a masterpiece step by step (and tell you that it looks good too)... well that's my kind of thursday night! it was seriously so awesome to look around & see everyone's paintings, and how they were all the same, yet so different from one another at the same time! canvas & cocktails officially has my recommendation. i hope you're having a wonderful week!