joy beyond measure.

this kid! i couldn't tell you how many times a day chris & i look at each other teary eyed, filled with pure delight. he is the purest light. the perfect example of God's greatness. i am so blessed to be his mama, we are so blessed to be parents... his parents. i want a million kiddos to be running around these parts one day, but it's not uncommon for me to feel like this is it. abel is it. my heart is full to the brim & pouring over with love for him & there's no room for more! people tell me that there is... i believe them, but right now it's hard to imagine. he makes every single day worth it. i love being a mama. it's my favorite job in the whole wide world & more fulfilling that any role i've played, other than being a wife. thank you Lord for filling my life with the two sweetest boys on the planet.

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Tori Baldridge said...

That was so beautifully written! He is so cute and lucky to have you!! xo