P A R K || L O V E

Over the weekend we took Abel to the park. It is getting MUCH cooler out & we are enjoying the last of the outdoors before cool turns into freezing & we are indoors & cozy for 4-6 months. 
Abel isn't sure about the park yet. He is still deciding. We've been a handful of times & he's responded different each visit, however, this last trip I think he was almost convinced that it is a good time. He loved the swings this time around & was still VERY skeptical of the slide. My favorite thing to watch him on was the see-saw, because he looked like such a big boy, fingers gripped tightly around that metal bar... 
He is such a sweet spirit. Quiet & calculated, such an observer & so intense about everything he does. Every look, every touch... watching him take in the world is truly amazing & it blows my mind that we all started in the same way. God is so cool.
Aside from all the wonder that is the park... I noticed how much more he loved being there when Chris came along. Abel is a mama's boy through & through, but when it comes to adventure... he knows where it's at. He associates fun with Daddy & Mama is home base, the nurturer. Makes sense to me. I loved watching them together & I definitely want to squeeze in as many more park days as we can before the snow flies on the reg! 
Anyway, I hope your week is as wonderful as you wish it to be! This week has been cooooold & dreary & i'm in Heaven. Tomorrow is Halloween & one of the people I miss MOST from charlotte is coming to stay for the weekend, & i think i'll carve a pumpkin tonight! Happy Day before Halloween! xoxo
^^^those teeth are killin' me,  we've officially got 7 people!
^^^& then we set a timer & took a billion family photos... this was the best we got, i'll take it!
^^^fall is truly beautiful.
^^^my heart & soul, all wrapped up in one picture

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