i love the top of that little round head

seriously. perfectly fuzzy & adorable. it's a rarity that abel actually sit in one place for long these days. he is ALWAYS on the go! crawling over here, pulling up on this, bonking his head on that... whoa. people always said your life changes when you have a baby & i agree that it does, for the WAY better. but if you ask me, life really changes more when you have a baby in motion. it's so much fun. at the same exact time... hello danger, please keep your distance from my perfect baby. i love letting him explore & i REALLY try hard to not save him from every wobbly leg or bump, but it is painfully hard to see him ever be frustrated, hurt or upset. we are in a growing phase. both him & i. he is learning about the world around him, boundaries, & just how durable his little noggin is. i am learning to have open hands & trust that God's protection is bigger than mine. i can't save abel from every bad thing that could happen in the world... scrapes & bruises, mean people, hurt feelings... but i can trust that God has us in His loving arms & we will all be okay.
this parenting thing, it's the best ever.

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