greetings from maui... hawaii || part FOUR

Greetings from Maui :)
I mean, it does look sort of like a postcard right? 
Today is my last organized Hawaii post! Noooo, I want to relive it every day until forever! More beachin', our time at the Feast at Lei Lei, and Mama's Fish House!
^^^Feels so weird now taking pictures of only the three of us! Lucy was probably snoozin' in her cabana :)
The Feast at Lei Lei!
A 5 course (I think) meal that was SO delicious, authentic Hula dancing, & fun for all!
^^^the Schmeeckle Fam!
^^^This was a sweet love affair :) Abel still asks for Gra Gra daily.

Mama's Fish House
hello bluest water I've ever seen in real life.
amen, well plated food that also tasted incredible.

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