Family Ice Skating!

you guys... 
on new years eve, we went ice skating with our little fam, and it was so much fun! cold + short lived as we assumed it'd be, but FUN + we walked away high-fiving as parents + feeling like we had succeeded big time. 
one of our very favorite days of the entire year last year was a day that we sabbathed + stayed at home together. the kids played well, we ate, puzzled, played, and spent time just the five of us... it was incredible. we took that day into this coming year + promised to ourselves we'd have more of them. we are yes people. we loved people, we love activity... but over commitment + constant yes sometimes doesn't serve us well. this is something we have known for a while, but it has been so hard to break because of FOMO, not wanting to let others down, etc... but we are committed. we want to be intentional with our time... intentional with how we spend it, where we spend it and who we spend it with. we want to be intentional with the time we have with our kiddos. our plan is to have one day of our weekend be fun filled, get out of the house + do something we can all enjoy as a family, and the other day be home, be together, be present + be disconnected elsewhere. i think it's a good plan... i don't expect (am trying not to expect) it to happen that way perfectly every week, but i think at least having a goal in mind is a good starting point. i love this little family of mine. God has filled my cup + over.

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