things to remember...

 A B E L

i hope i never forget...

the way you sort things + line things up + organize things just so... you've always done this.

Teaching you to play go fish.

When you asked me if you'd be a daddy when you grew up + said you wanted to marry me.

when you asked me where dad was + i told you Las Vegas, and you responded with, "is he lost? is it a lost place?"

the little boy that is coming out in you... your new language where you really just speak/rap gibberish + experiment with consonants.

when you told me the other night while brushing your teeth, in a suddenly concerned tone, "mommy i can't say shit" --i held back laughter... ummm yes abel that's right, you can't.

Spoiling dinner by eating the "cotton candy" clouds in the sunset, on the porch with you and Lucy + Isla.

the way you call dessert "uh-zert" + typically ask for it after every meal.

how you love people + how your sweet + naive, childlike spirit loves and accepts even the ones who i struggle to, no questions asked

speaking of questions, it's more like 85 billion questions asked, always... about everything... most times twice.

you're so special abel. you'll be 4 soon + i can't believe you've been ours so long. you're the best helper, best little companion, you take care of your sisters, still give the best morning hugs + are all around just my favorite little boy in the history of little boys. i'm so proud of you.

L U C Y 

i hope i never forget... the way you say, "are you kidding me?" how you always ask for hot chocolate because abel is having some, but how you don't really like hot chocolate- you like chocolate milk, and basically wait until your hot chocolate is cold to drink it. I love when you say you wanna be "nex by ____ (insert you, daddy, Abel or babe.)" i hope i never forget your voice. FOREVER. serious hopes for a never changing voice from you my girl! That you ARE the party. Your hysterical + wild + fun nature. Your ummms, your dance class tights, the way you bring your hands to cover your bursting smile when something surprises you or makes you laugh a lot. Your hand gestures in general  + the way you tell stories. The way you always want to do what Abel is doing, and how sweet + loving you are with "babe" -Isla. I'm thankful for how you love me + still need me so much, how you always want me to hold you + snuggle you... I have to remind myself sometimes of how special this is, because in the moment it can feel like I don't have enough hands + be overwhelming because I'm feeding isla or catering to needs of your siblings, but it's so special + I know one day you won't. You're more beautiful than ever + i'm so lucky to be your mom. 

i hope i never forget...
Your warm, soft cheeks after you nurse, your gruff little voice, the buried face in my shoulder when you flirt with daddy, the tummy that just won't quit + your precious hands(I've swooned over them since the day you were born). The way you looove the bath, crunchy paper + how I love the sweet blonde fuzz that adorns your perfectly shaped head. I hope I never forget the saving grace you've been, nearly every day of your life. Sometimes 3 kids feels like 30 kids + when the mood is just right (& by that I absolutely mean when it's not just right- like AT ALL) YOU my sweet one are my exhale. 

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