this is the part where two of my favorite children shared shave ice under the banyan tree in lahaina... forever, amen.
if you know me at all, you know that dessert is my love language. local boys does it riiiight. any flavor, "hawaii style" with the ice cream at the bottom + the cream on top... aaaand i'm officially craving one just talking about it. we probably had one at least every other day of our trip + i wouldn't have had it any other way. 
^^^how cute are these little friends?!
+ oh look! we beached some more.
i couldn't tell you how many waves we jumped with the kids. they loveddd the water, and being buried in the sand, and snacking in the cabana. life was sweet for them, and if the kids are happy, i am.
^^^her sweet sandy skin + those lashes
Can we all be in agreeance that photos on the beach are just good? Doesn't matter if everyone is cooperating, or if there's make up involved, pictures on the beach are just better. Below are a few we took on our last day!