estes park was one for the books this year! 
we are in a super sweet spot with the kiddos and their ages right now, and it has been serving us well! life with littles is constantly changing seasons, and i know that a few months from now we will be in a new one, so i am really trying to soak in the current one + relax into it as much as the non-calm person that i am will allow, thank you for chris.
we hiked one of the same trails that i hiked growing up with my family + took pictures on some of the very same rocks... silly hats, chapped lips and all... and now it's my own children! the nostalgia is real. it wasn't without struggle, but was so so worth it to me. at the bottom chris said to me, "that was hard... but life isn't supposed to be easy, we just hiked with our kids!"
we elk watched + got our christmas ornament from our regular little shop in town. we drank coffee + wine + gingeronnos on the porch by the river. we hot tubbed + talked + i felt like i actually rested vs. the fake resting i do at home. our kids rode horses for the first time, which lucy told us later was her favorite part of the trip, abel's was fishing. isla was a peach, chris forever, and i never had to wash my hair because BEANIE SEASON.
estes park, you've done it again. we love you.
trips from estes past!
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Brandy Bruce said...

What a great trip! We're in that sweet spot with our kids too and it's such a huge blessing. I want to freeze time some days!