estes park & entirely "too many" photos for one post...

i've never been one for narrowing down my favorite pictures for posts, because they are always all my favorite. so here it is, estes park trip 2014 & a million photos included. 
we had a great trip this year & all agreed that it ended too quickly. it was our first family trip without my dad, and i felt it. it wasn't the same & i missed his hugs & his presence, but it truly was a good time together regardless. we stayed at a new place & it was sooo nice to all fit under one roof! the house we stayed in was right on the river & i loooved long conversations in the hot tub and on the upper deck looking over the water. we had a chex mix "cook off" in hopes that someone could match my dads recipe & i think chris nailed it. ash brought muddy buddies & i made my first batch of pumpkin bread... like most years, i came home feeling like an actual carbohydrate, and like most years i still say "worth it". i'm so thankful for this family of mine, they are life's cake & i will have helping after helping.

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